DesignHack 2016

Hricha Sharma

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DesignHack 2016

The GIT family experienced a very productive day on the 6th of August 2016. The team of 12 young enthusiastic girls had an opportunity to share a day with a huge group of creative and artsy young designers at Leapfrog Academy in an event named DESIGNHACK 2016. The event was organized with a moral theme, ”Men and Women should grow hand-in-hand” emphasizing the active enrollment of the female gender in the field of IT. The event was organized by the core members of Girls in Technology and was actively assisted by the general members. Altogether, 38 designers with impressive designing background rendered their interest in the thematic design competition and spared their precious hours to produce a design at the end of the day.

The main motive of the event designhack 2016 was to break the stereotypical thought of the society that the technological field is not a virtuous one for the female gender and is primal to the male counterparts.“, said a member from GIT.The event turned out to be a huge success and perceptibly proved the obvious theme, with the attendance of an equal number of competitive designers of both genders. The interest in the theme and the nature of competence was vividly seen amongst the girls and equaled to that in the boys. This event proved to be a small step to break the orthodox conviction and introduced a break point.

Leapfrog Academy, one of the leading institute catering the needs of IT students in Nepal, provided the venue for the event and supported in a credible manner. One of globally renowned freelancing community, namely Toptal sponsored for the event and along with it,  Bhav Products, a production initiative of designed notebook sponsored materials facilitating the needs of the designers. Along with the supporters, Tattoo Bizzare exhibited their support towards the event in a likely manner.

The competitors expected a judgment from a panel of 5 judges. Amit Bajracharya – Founder of thebootstrapthemes.com, Sweta Shrestha – Senior Frontend Designer at Young Innovations Pvt.Ltd. , Sabin Bhandari – CEO/Co-founder at butta, Haiyuan Jiang and Blanca Tortajada both designers at Toptal judged the designs and declared 3 of the best designs.

Ankash Shakya designed the winning design scoring the best out of the 38 designers. Atul Pradhananga, followed, securing the second position and Elisa Thapa, held a deserving third position


1st winner, DesignHack 2016

2nd winner, DesignHack 2016

3rd Winner, DesignHack 2016

The Design Competition, DESIGNHACK 2016, was a new experience for the participants and Girls In Technology. We hope, Girls In Technology will come up with  innovative, exciting ideas; and amaze and involve as many Tech Enthusiast, Students and IT Professionals in the upcoming days.

Cheers to the team for such a successful event

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