Erika Maharjan

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I am Erika Maharjan, a student of Electronics and Communication engineering .I am a member of Girls In Technology (GiT), this is an organization whose goal is to expose young women to computer-science education and training. So far GIT has organised many programs to help girls develop in IT field. I have been a part of this since last six months and has made a huge change in my life.


Ask someone in our country to picture a programmer, they are likely to imagine a young, white, middle-class dude in a hoodie, jeans, and maybe a geeky T-shirt but not a girl with a beehive and a miniskirt. Tech, and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines, have a notable gender and diversity disparity. Sadly, there are only a few number of girls who choose STEM as their career. Women are underrepresented in the ICT sectors and the way to change this is getting started more girls to take up science, technology and mathematics education.

Technology is something that has no fullstop.Today we are in the age where everything is automatic and we really rely on technology in every sectors of our life. The reason behind why girls should be involved in technology is all of us use technology .So we should be able to develop those technology we use every single day in our life. Another main important thing is for diversity. There are hand countable number of woman in high post in most of the big companies of the world. Studies show again and again that women remain wildly underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. This is due to several factors-popular culture being one of the biggest culprits. Girls get messages all the time from the Internet, fashion magazines, social media, and other forms of media that technology is not for them. I mean, teen girls can walk into any store in mall in the Kathmandu and buy a T-shirt that reads “allergic to algebra.” And the typical computer-scientist protagonist in a TV show is a young guy but not a girl. Because their perspective is not reflected in what they see, girls say, “Well, I guess that’s not for me.”Also when it comes to choosing our subject after SLC many of the girls choose management and other subject rather than science. Plus who choose science shift to biology after 12.And so there are really a few number of girls left in physics.I was also really confused to choose my career after my +2.But I really like doing maths so I felt engineering will be the place where I will fit in.When I told my mum I want to do electronics and communication engineering then she said, “ewe engineering-


that’s sounds like a man thing”. This is where I think we girls should work and prove ourselves that we do fit in technology.


A second factor may be due to lack of knowledge. People really don’t know what it means to be a computer scientist or a technologist nowadays, what people in those roles do day to day, and the impact they’re able to have on society. People have myth that girls can only do good at biology, marketing and fashion related stuffs. That is why girls from the very beginning think technology is really a boy thing to do and so they do not take part at this. But this stereotype has been proven wrong by Lyndsey Scott .Scott majored in computer science in college and then went on to become a model for brands such as Victoria's Secret, Gucci, and Prada. Despite her success on the runway, Lyndsey never lost her passion for coding. While she chose not to take the traditional route with a software engineering job at a firm in Manhattan or the Silicon Valley, she continued to work on apps in her free time, with projects ranging from an app that lets you learn about and fund youth education in Africa to an app that lets actors and models create professional-looking portfolios with the ease that only an iPad app can deliver.She is a great inspiration for girls like us.



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