Tihar Dhamaka 2073: GIT illuminating the technical poise and prowess.

Sabik Neupane

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Tihar Dhamaka 2073: GIT illuminating the technical poise and prowess.

“Women no longer have an ‘if I can’ mindset. Now it’s more about ‘how I can’—be in tech, start something in tech, fund something in tech. That shift is exciting! And it happened because we created a network where we show, daily, that women are innovating.” Shaherose Charania, Co-Founder and CEO,  Women 2.0.

Tihar Dhamaka 2073,  was one such juncture to have encountered the valour of women folks in unleashing themselves in something where they have been subjugated since ages. As you keenly observe these girls , they are women of  substance who are challenging the social construction that has been established from years.Moreover, their slender fingers are not busy doing nail paints, They can easily comprehend all kinds of technical jargon, They are well aware of  innovations in technology.They represent internet powered caucus often deemed as the “generation next”.


With the changing landscape , the women have started to trespass the barriers of social construction which establishes the technology as male`s forte. With poise and panache “ Girls In Technology” is a culmination of tech empowered enterprising young girls with credibility of all sorts  in technology and innovation.


“Tihar Dhamaka 2073” was one juncture illuminating the testimony that these girls have in their backyard to offer. Technology largely combines cost effectiveness with innovation. We must accept that the paramount of the event was  innovative approach in bringing the rising brands such as Laali , Bhav Products ,Butta and Threadpaints along with fund raising from the food and game stalls demonstrated cost effectiveness and their presense of mind in updating themselves with market trend.


The Tihar Dhamaka was an unique attempt to epitomize the Girl Power of procreation that we encountered in creativity and team effort that they have put forward. Largely , the event evinced the future of technology where women can work hand in hand with their male counterparts. Extensive promotion and great coordination was hallmark of the event as the self motivation of the organizing team in carving niche was manifested time and again.


The event also had musical performance with acoustic bands playing groovy numbers.Many individuals from different sector were present during the event. Notably, Rajeev Amatya,Director of Kaymu  shared about Kaymu’s future plan to promote women entrepreneurship and about Black Friday launch in Nepal.

Moreover, the event was graced by Malvika Subba , Former Miss Nepal and Media Personality as guest of honour. As a entrepreneur she spoke about her views on alignment of  technology and business as key to business success. Furthermore , she asserted on the technological advancements as boon to the growing trend pertaining to the vivacity of market prospects that businesses these days aspire to create. The need of the business to cash in the technology to standout was highlighted. She shared the challenges the women of twenty first century have to face in sustaining their business.


All in all the event was successful with the efforts of the organizing team and the generous and compassionate support from the sponsors Divine wines, leapfrog Academy, kaymu and iQuest.

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